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Stephen Younger

Stephen was introduced to computer power in the early seventies when main frames had ferrite bead memory, occupied an air-conditioned operating theatre and had less power and memory than the Sinclair Spectrum. He has been an avid Amstrad PCW user since the autumn of 1985. Having spent a lot of effort to have programs running on it the way that he wants them to, he will not be completely abandoning it for a Mac for some time. Using a Gem Hard Disk has the PCW booting up faster than a Mac. This is a benefit of the system's simplicity.

He used the PCW for his farm accounts (mostly home-made BASIC) and running his bank accounts with Bank of Scotland HOBS. He contributed to some of Dave's disk salvage programs and added some refinements to Ward Christensen's CP/M Disk Utility (DU) program which Dave often used. He also developed and produced the BACKUP program for the AMSTRAD PCW range.

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Last revised: January 2024